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Nikon Capture 4
(Version 4.1)
Now Available

The powerful and intuitive image-editing software
that optimizes workflow and maximizes potential

Nikon Canada Inc. has officially announced the availability of Nikon Capture 4.1 software for download. See our review of the new features and tools below.

Nikon Capture 4.0 must be installed before proceeding with this version upgrade. Visit the Nikon Canada Imaging Support Center to download the upgrade software by clicking on the appropriate system platform below .

If you do not already own a copy of Nikon Capture 4.0, check here for the latest price.

Nikon Capture 4.1 Major Features

  • Support for NEF, TIFF and JPEG file types - browse and edit all files made with Nikon D-Series models, including the new D70, as well as the Coolpix 8700.





  • Multi Image Window - displays images from selected folders as a row of thumbnail images above a larger area containing the currently selected image. While confirming the images from a selected folder (or folders) as a row of thumbnails, detailed inspection and editing of each can be performed in the Image Area.

The same adjustments can be applied to several images at once. Nikon Capture Editor now includes a browser function. This eliminates the need to run a separate application for browsing images, which saves on the amount of memory required.
  • LCH Editor - Luminosity (lightness), Chroma (saturation), and Hue can be independently adjusted using individual editor dialogs within the LCH Editor tool palette.
The dialogs are accessed from
the "LCH Editor" tool in Tool Palette 2.

Luminosity Editor: Adjusts only the brightness (lightness) of the image. Changes do not affect the saturation (chroma) or colors (hue).

Chroma Editor: Adjusts only the saturation (chroma) of the image. Allows adjustments to be made to only the saturation of a particular color or to the image as a whole.

Hue Editor: Adjusts only specific colors (hue) or the hue of the image on the whole.
  • Color Booster - automatically adjusts saturation level to optimal values for portrait or landscape pictures.
People: Adjusts saturation without changing skin tones.

Adjusts the saturation for the entire image.

Select "People" or "Nature" in the Color Booster tool palette to match the target subject. The Auto button automatically sets the saturation level based on the picture's original brightness value.
  • Color moiré reduction - eliminates the moiré effect that sometimes appears when shooting tightly spaced parallel lines. (Available only when working with NEF files.)

Select from the following color moiré reduction level settings: Off, Low, Normal, or High.

  • Saturation settings - four settings adjust the vividness of images without changing the hue.

  • Filter plug-in support - adds expandability and versatility to Nikon Capture 4's basic function set.

    The first digital photographic filters developed for Nikon Capture 4, nik Color Efex Pro 2.0, will be available in three different Editions. The Complete Edition contains 75 filters, the Select Edition 45 filters, and the Standard Edition 19 filters.

nik Color Efex Pro 2.0 filter Plug-in

See press release below for more info
  • Background save - allows processing of files while saving others at the same time, which helps improve workflow efficiency and realize stress-free operation.

  • Save selected image adjustments - realizes greater flexibility and control by allowing the application of a selection of adjustment settings to images.

  • NEF (JPEG) file support - provides substantial space savings, and NEF (JPEG) files can be edited repeatedly without suffering degradation of image quality.

  • Digital DEE™* - automatically brings out an image's highlights while achieving an overall exposure balance. (*Digital DEE™ is a technology developed by Applied Science Fiction.)

  • New method for acquiring gray point sample: An area can now be sampled for averaging the gray point to define white balance. This increases the number of sample points that can be acquired, which improves the ability to absorb noise and other detrimental readings to achieve more precise white balance adjustment.

  • Fisheye-to-Rectilinear Image Transformation - transforms 180° diagonal angle of view fisheye pictures made with the AF DX Fisheye-Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8G ED lens into a choice of two ultra-wideangle image modes.

  • Vignette control - automatically adjusts NEF files to counteract any vignette effect and produce images with near perfect center-to-edge-to-corner brightness.

  • Image Dust Off - uses a reference image taken with Nikon digital SLR cameras to map out dust on the sensor and then automatically remove its effect from NEF images shot using Nikon CPU lenses.

  • Enhanced batch processing - automatically applies a wide variety of image adjustments and corrections to any number of files in a folder.

  • Remote Camera Control - controls most shooting settings, and allows images to be downloaded directly to a computer. Version 4,1 adds support for the D70 and new controls, including bracketing when used with the D2H or D70.

See our earlier First Look review of Nikon Capture version 4.0

Download the Nikon Capture 4.1 User Manual (6MB PDF)

Press Release: March 21st, 2004
- Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of the latest version (4.1) of Nikon Capture 4, the powerful and unique post production tool that optimizes workflow by giving you full control over both fundamental and enhancing adjustments to NEF (Nikon Electronic Format) files.

Version 4.1 marks yet a new step of evolution, one that continues to add useful features while improving performance and the interface, and one that fully exploits all the latest features of compatible Nikon digital cameras.

Together, Nikon Capture 4 and NEF let you adjust virtually any aspect of an image's settings without altering the raw image data or its accompanying Instruction Set. Any number of variations can be saved as additional Instruction Sets within the same file to deliver the best of versatile image editing combined with precious savings in hard disk space. The Instruction Sets can be applied to any number of image files, individually or using Nikon Capture 4's powerful batch processing function.

Version 4.1 also adds the ability to save only selected adjustment settings to an Instruction Set for even greater flexibility and control, as well as to improve the speed and efficiency of batch processing.

Also new is the NEF (JPEG) file. JPEG files can be converted in their compressed form, resulting in substantial space savings. The resulting NEF (JPEG) files can be edited as many times as you like without suffering further degradation of image quality.

The tool palettes and Quick Tool bar have been revised for yet easier access to Nikon Capture 4's powerful editing and image adjustment tools. Arrange the palettes as you please, or reset them to their original positions with a single command. The new background save function of the Save Progress Window further improves workflow by allowing you continue processing files even while saving others.

The new Multi Image Window displays a row of thumbnail images from a selected folder. Below this is the larger Image Area where detailed inspection and adjustment of the currently selected image can be performed. The same adjustments can also be applied to several images at once for added efficiency.

New image adjustment tools further enhance the power of version 4.1. The new LCH Editor contains individual dialogs for independent adjustment of Luminosity (lightness), Chroma (saturation), and Hue. Color Booster automatically adjusts saturation level to optimal values for portrait or landscape pictures.

Color Moiré Reduction helps eliminate the moiré effect that sometimes appears when shooting tightly spaced parallel lines. Of course, version 4.1 also continues to allow you to adjust the color and saturation settings, exposure compensation, white balance and virtually any aspect of a NEF file's settings as though retaking the original shot, while it adds support for this control over files from the new D70 and COOLPIX 8700 digital cameras.

nik Color Efex Pro 2.0 Plug in

One major innovation in version 4.1 is the support for plug-in photographic filters that expand the feature set to provide even greater capability for enhancing and transforming images. The first to be made available are from nik multimedia, Inc., an experienced software developer with a proven track record for producing cross-platform digital imaging solutions, and a leader in the creation of digital photographic filters for image-editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop®.

Because of the fine work they do and the spirit of cooperation our companies enjoy, Nikon asked nik multimedia to develop the first digital photographic filters for Nikon Capture 4. nik Color Efex Pro 2.0 for Nikon Capture 4 is available in three different Editions. The Complete Edition contains 75 filters, the Select Edition 45 filters, and the Standard Edition 19 filters.

Nikon Capture 4, version 4.1. The only software available that can help you in your quest to create the perfect image, and the only one that delivers such a level of control over all aspects of image processing, from the taking of digital photographs through to archiving your work.

Sales release schedule:
Nikon Corporation will launch the nik Color Efex Pro 2.0 for Nikon Capture 4 worldwide from May 2004.

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