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Introduction, AF System and Recording, Features, Wi-Fi and Screenshots,
Controls and Custom settings, New Battery and Software, Specifications
Pricing, New SB-800 Speedlight System, D2H Q & A Session, Image samples

New Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery System

The Nikon D2H uses a new rechargeable Li-ion battery, EN-EL4

The cover to the D2H battery compartment can now be detached (as seen above) from the battery itself to enable greater flexibility when buying additional batteries. (Easier to store in a camera bag..)

The capacity is higher than that of the Ni-MH battery used in the D1 series. Moreover, charging the only partially spent EN-EL4 does not effect the memory, since it is a Li-ion type. It takes approximately 100 minutes to charge.

The new Nikon EN-EL4 battery has a very nice feature, whereby it precisely displays the remaining charge through the D2H's menu system. A six increment remaining charge indication can be displayed on the display panel atop the camera. The remaining charge, expressed in percentage, can also be displayed on the LCD monitor on the back of the camera. The level of degradation and the timing needed for calibration are also displayed.

EN-EL4 battery information as displayed in the D2H LCD monitor

Nikon D2H Connections

The camera has a 10-pin connection terminal (behind a threaded protective cap), so remote control accessories such as the ML-3 and MC-20 can be used.

There is also a PC studio flash sync connector located on the front of the camera. (Also behind a protective cap)

Located on the right side of the camera (viewed from front), behind a tightly sealer rubber door, the Nikon D2H has a video output connection on top and a connection for the optional Nikon EH-6 AC power adapter below.

The USB 2.0 transfer cable connection socket is located under a second rubber door directly below the other.

Other Menu Features

Comment recording is possible through the menu system. The comment gets tagged with the image Exif information, and can be viewed with Nikon software after transferring to your computer. Up to 36 Roman letters, numbers and symbols can be input as a comment.

The D2H also has a built-in microphone located on the back of the camera, to enable voice memo recording as well. There are two available settings. With the first, recording automatically starts right after taking the shot. With the other, the voice memo can be added during playback. The message can be played back through the camera's built-in speaker.

  • Record mode: Automatic or manual recording at shooting or playback
  • Recording time: 60 seconds
  • Playback mode: Built-in speaker or Audio/Video cable connection
  • File format: Mono WAV file

Integrated Nikon Software Solutions

Nikon View 6.1: Versatile bundled software that simplifies and improves data transfer, as well as browsing and editing of image files.

Major features include:

  • User friendly transferring of images from the camera (card reader) to a personal computer
  • Browsing and viewing of images stored on the hard disk; basic editing functions
  • Slide show; layout printing; online album registration; e-mail attachment
  • Search function; labeling function
  • Easy red-eye correction
  • Printing with the option of including the date
  • HTML export
  • Export to CD-R/RW (Windows XP and Mac OS X only)
  • Sharpness control; black and white conversion; sepia conversion
  • Full complement of batch processing functions: changing names of files or folders, moving and copying of files, etc.
  • Tiling of browser and viewer windows
  • Adding of file-type icons displayed with the thumbnail images
  • Transfer of only files with specified dates
  • Automatic date setting when cameras without date settings are connected to the computer
  • CMS support for the viewer window
  • Automatic rotation of images taken by the D2H on its side

Nikon View 6.1 or newer is necessary for processing NEF files from D2H.

Nikon Capture 4 (optional)

A comprehensive image-editing and remote camera control package that fully supports RAW (NEF)*, TIFF and JPEG data. In addition to the full function set of version 3.5, Nikon Capture 4 features the following new functions:

  • Digital DEE (Digital Dynamic Exposure Extender): Back lighting or inadequate flash sometimes results in somewhat murky images. Digital DEE lightens the darker areas of these images for greater definition while also bringing out definition in the highlight sections that are close to being washed out.
  • Image Dust Off: This feature uses reference data to reduce the shadows left by dust on the imaging sensor. A reference shot is needed, but it only needs to be shot once either at the start or end of shooting as the small dust particles do not move very much. This feature works only with RAW (NEF) files.
  • DX Fisheye lens (AF DX Fisheye-Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8G ED) ultra-wideangle image conversion: This feature converts the rounded fisheye images into less distorted ultra-wideangle images. Two types of image control are available, with transformation being performed using either the width or the height as the base.
  • Highlight and shadow indication: Switching from the normal screen to one that shows only highlights or to one that shows only shadows enables quick and easy checking of the image.
  • Workspace reset: Editing the images sometimes results in numerous tool palettes spread all over the screen. One-touch operation closes these palettes and returns the working windows to their original state, for easier checking of the images.

*NEF images taken with the D2H are supported by Nikon Capture 4 only.

Creativity and Versatility

  • Nikon SB-800 Speedlight Creative Lighting System: The new i-TTL system supports Advanced Wireless Lighting and versatile functions for up to four groups of Speedlights (3 remote i-TTL Speedlight groups controlled through the master SB-800). The new Speedlight SB-800 with i-TTL flash control features Flash Value Lock (FV Lock), AUTO FP High-Speed Sync, and Flash Color Information Communication. Also new is the Wide Area AF Assist Illuminator that is tailored to the D2H's new 11-area AF system.
  • The D2H is also compatible with the D-TTL flash control of Nikon SB-80DX/50DX/(28DX) Speedlights, and with hard-wired multiple flash control.

Lens compatibility

D2H shown with new AF DX Fisheye-Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8G ED Lens

  • The D2H is compatible with AF Nikkor lenses as well as the new DX Nikkor lenses. Designed specifically for Nikon DX format digital SLRs, the DX line extends coverage to the ultra-wideangle range while providing high-performance optics in a lightweight, compact design. Two new lenses now join the DX Nikkor range: the AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8G IF-ED and the AF DX Fisheye-Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8 G ED.

Introduction, AF System and Recording, Features, Wi-Fi and Screenshots,
Controls and Custom settings, New Battery and Software, Specifications
Pricing, New SB-800 Speedlight System, D2H Q & A Session, Image samples

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