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Nikon Releases
New Firmware Version 2.0
for Nikon D70 D-SLR

April 20th, 2005
- Nikon has today released the new firmware (Version 2.0), announced about a month ago, for the Nikon D70 Digital SLR camera.

Nikon D70 Firmware update version 2.0 extends a number of the new features found in the recently announced Nikon D70s digital SLR to the original Nikon D70.

New functions include: Improved autofocus to equal D70s, easier to read menu system, and in camera page setup to support PictBridge direct printing.

To download the new Nikon D70 firmware Version 2.0, we recommend visiting the Nikon Tech Support Centre for your specific country or region.

Nikon Canada Inc. Tech Support: Windows, MAC .
Nikon USA Inc Tech Support: Windows, MAC

What is new in Version 2.0:

  1. Performance of the 5-area AF system has been improved (Dynamic area and Closest subject AF-area modes).

  2. Changes have been made to the design of menu displays.

  3. Page-size settings can now be applied from the camera with direct printing from a PictBridge-compatible printer.

  4. The number of exposures remaining, displayed in the control panel and viewfinder, when shooting at an image-quality setting of NEF (RAW) or NEF+JPEG Basic has been changed (the number is calculated based on the size of compressed RAW file). Maximum number of exposures displayed when a 256-MB CompactFlash memory card is used: Version 2.00: NEF (RAW): approx. 44 exposures; NEF+JPEG Basic: approx. 39 exposures Version 1.03 or earlier: NEF (RAW): approx. 23 exposures; NEF+JPEG Basic: approx. 21 exposures

  5. The default setting for camera clock has been changed from 2004.01.01 to 2005.01.01. Now you cannot set the clock back to a date before 2004.12.31.

  6. A problem that sometimes caused communication between the camera and computer to be unexpectedly terminated when using Nikon Capture Camera Control has been corrected. (Windows)





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Nikon D70 Compared to D70s
After Firmware Update

After the new firmware version 2.0 is applied, the major differences between the Nikon D70 and the Nikon D70s digital SLR become:

  • 2.0 inch LCD monitor on the D70s versus 1.8 inch on the Nikon D70

  • Built-in flash angle coverage to cover 18mm lens on the D70s compared to 20mm lens with the D70

  • The remote cord MC-DC1 can be used on the D70s

  • EN-EL3a (1500 mAh) higher capacity Li-Ion rechargeable battery supplied vs EN-EL3 (1400 mAh) with the D70

  • Smaller and lighter quick charger MH-18a is supplied with the Nikon D70s

  • Larger more comfortable rubber eye cup DK-20 is supplied with the D70sThe CR2 battery holder MS-D70 is not supplied with the Nikon D70s

Nikon Press Release

New firmware update further enhances the functionality of
2004's Digital SLR Camera of the Year

TOKYO - April 20th, 2005. Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce a firmware update that brings refined performance enhancements to the Nikon D70.

The rapid pace at which development of digital technologies is proceeding inevitably leads to a continual release of new products. In the face of this dynamic, Nikon is determined to demonstrate our respect for the many customers who purchased a D70 digital SLR camera by delivering, where possible, the latest technology that the digital world has to offer through firmware updates.

The D70 firmware update to be released shortly aims to share enhancements developed for the new D70s, and thereby to strengthen the performance of the D70.

The firmware update includes the following additions and refinements:

  • Improved performance for the 5-area autofocus system's Dynamic Area AF and Closest Subject Priority Dynamic Area AF modes.

  • Updated menus with a new design similar to that of the D70s, making them easier to view and quicker to recognize.

  • Added in-camera page setup support for PictBridge compatible printers.

Release schedule: Nikon Corporation will release the D70 firmware updater worldwide in mid-May 2005.

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