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Nikon Updates
Nikon PictureProject Software
to Version 1.1


November 24th, 2004
- Nikon has today posted an update to their Nikon PictureProject Software package. Nikon PictureProject comes bundled with most current Coolpix digital cameras and Nikon digital SLR's like the Nikon D70.

Improvements in Version 1.1

  • Supports Nikon D2X RAW files.

  • Menu structure has been changed so that it is consistent in Organize mode, Edit mode and Design mode windows.

  • "Make Movie…" option has been added to the Photo menu for saving slide shows as movies.

  • A new display option – "List", has been added allowing thumbnail images and shooting data to be viewed simultaneously.

  • Contents of the "More Information" dialog displayed in PictureProject 1.0 Organize mode have been moved to the Information palette.

  • New "Straighten" and "D-Lighting HS" functions now available in Edit mode.

  • Inclusion of a "Markers" palette in Edit mode for recording changes made to pictures.

  • QuickTime movies created from slide shows can be recorded to CD or DVD using the "Burn CD/DVD" function.

  • Burn CD/DVD function allows for the division of files to multiple CDs or DVDs when more images are selected for recording than can be contained in a single CD or DVD.

  • Red-eye correction can now be used to correct 16-bit TIFF images.

  • "Properties" palette has been added to Organize and Edit modes.

  • A "Thumbnails" palette has been included in Design mode making it possible to switch between pictures.

  • A Front and Back Covers function has been added to the Design mode Layouts palette.

  • An "Include Page Numbers" option (selected /not selected) has been added to the Design mode Layouts palette.

  • Design mode palette structure has been changed to consist of Properties, Layouts and Thumbnails palettes.

  • "Append a page" and "Remove the page" buttons have been added to the Design mode display.








To download Nikon PictureProject Version 1.1 for Win or MAC, see Nikon Support for Canadian customers, and here if you are from the US.

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Nikon PictureProject Press Release below.

Nikon PictureProject -- An intuitive new interface for easy access to powerful features and built-in expandability for add-on versatility mark Nikon's move toward a new software strategy


PMA 2004. Press Release: TOKYO - Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce PictureProject, the first entry of a new software strategy aimed at earning the same accolades for Nikon software as received for its world-famous lineup of cameras.

Software is a key component of the digital photography experience, and a key component of Nikon's Total Imaging System. Determined to deliver the best tools and best user interface for digital camera users, Nikon conducted a worldwide survey of customer expectations, requirements and work habits before beginning development of PictureProject. Building an entirely new software architecture that empowers all customers to get the most out of their digital cameras demanded powerful features be wrapped into an interface that is easy to master. It also called for advanced programming that will allow for the addition of new features as the market evolves.

PictureProject is now ready to deliver the fruits of the intensive development and usability testing that mark Nikon's new software path for the future. The intuitive interface is designed to make users feel comfortable with all features within minutes, and to provide instant access to all stored images without having to search through hard disk directories.

Major features of PictureProject include the following:

  • Image files are automatically imported when a camera is connected to the user's computer, and thumbnail images make it easy to confirm the memory card's contents.

  • A single main window divided into three sections serves as the center of all operations.

  • Only the window's center section changes when switching modes for an integrated and intuitive interface that minimizes the steps needed to accomplish all tasks.

  • Buttons permanently placed along the top of the main window assure quick access to oft-used functions, such as Mail, Slideshow, Auto Enhance, etc.

  • Drag-and-drop images to organize them into "collections" that can be easily accessed.

  • View all stored images, only those from the last batch imported, or from individual collections.

  • Locate any file quickly by name, keyword, captured or modified date, etc.

  • Easy-to-understand editing tools help achieve the desired effect or finish quickly.

  • Any and all changes made to images can be reset or modified as many times as desired without affecting the original image file.

  • Slideshows can include background music for added ambience.

  • Handy design templates make it easy to attach images to email, or make beautiful prints.

  • New pop-up messaging service delivers software update notifications, and provides access for technical tips and other information.

PictureProject's new software architecture is built to include robust future expandability. Plans include offering users the option to purchase plug-in software that adds darkroom, filter and other effects, and that all operate within the familiar PictureProject interface.

PictureProject will appeal to users of any digital camera, although initial plans are to offer it exclusively to Nikon digital camera users. Beginning this spring, it will be included with newly released Nikon digital cameras, not merely as a complimentary offering, but as a powerful tool that adds value and enjoyment to digital photography. Signaling Nikon's intention to expand and further strengthen its software portfolio with add-on tools and higher-function products to come, PictureProject is about to change the digital photography experience.

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