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Key Ring Digital Camera
and 64MB USB Device

Photos on the go

This compact digital camera lets you create instant memories – just snap, share and wear! The wearable digital camera is a digital still picture camera with a USB flash memory drive.

The KEY 007 can handle up to 400 photos, and uses VGA picture capture technology. With the provided Photo Manager software, images are enhanced up to 1.3 Mega Pixel quality on a PC.

With the Philips digital camera Key Ring, you’ll never find yourself without the convenience of having a digital camera when you need it to capture that specific moment.

Philips Press Info:

Snap, Share + Wear

Now you can make instant memories with Philips . Wherever, whenever - whatever! Just slide over the protective lens cover, point and shoot - it's that easy. A 64MB flash memory lets you take hundreds of pictures, which can be shared and exchanged on any PC. In fact, go right ahead and store or transfer any digital file on your PC with this nifty Key Ring.

Major Features

  • Memory Capacity : 64 MB
  • Hi-Res 1.3 Megapixel Output from VGA Picture Capture
  • Enjoy capacity for up to 400 pictures
  • Store and carry data files up to 44 floppy disks
  • No software drivers required (Direct USB Plug-in, except Windows 98)
  • Direct battery recharging via USB
  • No USB cable necessary. Direct USB connection to PC
  • Ultra lightweight and durable magnesium body
  • Stylish, small and compact - Weighing just over 1 ounce

64MB Internal Flash Memory - 64MB: Enjoy capacity for up to 400 pictures or store and carry data files up to 44 floppy disks

Direct battery recharging via USB
What is it? - Recharge the internal battery of your Key Ring by connecting it to the USB port of your PC or laptop - the same way you transfer your data, music and picture files.

Why do I need it? - Because you will always need the convenience of recharging your Key Ring. No need to bother with separate chargers or cables, simply plug-n-recharge your Key Ring directly on your PC.

How does it work? - Using plug-n- play technology, USB connection enables your PC or laptop and your connected Key Ring to recognize each other instantly. No need for manual installation of new drivers, separate cables or chargers! Your Key Ring recharges its internal battery by drawing power from your computer.

Pixel enhancement
What is it?- Intelligent pixel enhancement software helps to sharpen and smooth blurred and uneven edges in your pictures.

Why do I need it?- Because you want to enjoy sharp and clear pictures - and memories!

How does it work?- Your Camera Key Ring captures pictures using a VGA sensor, which displays about 300,000 pixels (640 x 480). When you upload the pictures to your laptop or PC, Photo Manager automatically enhances your images using digital interpolation to 1.3 million pixels.

Key 007 Key-Ring Digital Camera & 64MB USB Device - NEW!

 Philips 007 Key-Ring Digital Camera & 64MB
USB Device - See the price at

Package Contents:

- Philips 007 Key Chain Camera
- CD-ROM (Photo Manager software & user manuals)
- Quick Start Guide
- Neck strap
- Safety & Warranty booklet

Philips Key 007 Digital Camera
Image resolution
307,200 Pixel (capture image: 640 x 480); 1.3 MP output file from software
Sensor image size
1/4", CMOS
Optical Lens
Fixed Focus length, F2.8
2 element optical view
Image LCD
Status LCD
Status Indicator
LED x 3 (Red,Yellow &Green)
Digital zoom
64MB internal flash memory
Removable Memory No Card
Focus distance 70 cm to infinity
White Balance Auto
Exposure range EV 7-15
Image file format JPEG
Sensitivity ISO equivalent 100
Image and Data Capacity Approximately 400 images or 64MB of data files
USB connection USB 1.1
Battery Built-in 550 mAh Li-ion rechargeable
Rechargeble time 2.5 hours (in charge via USB mode only)
Media management Photo Manager.
General data storage: Directly accessible via Windows Explorer
(Mass Storage Device Class compliant)
Durable magnesium body encasing
Made from ultra lightweight and sturdy magnesium for ultimate product protection - No unexpected dents and chips!
Product dimensions
3.4 L x 1.1 W x 0.6-0.7 H (inches)
Weight 1.2 (oz)



















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