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May 14th, 2005.
Today we have added a link to our new RSS / XML news feed
URL. (Small orange XML banner  link on the top of our main page.)

What Is RSS?

RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) is one of the newest information technology formats being used today by news and data Web sites to distribute updated content quickly and regularly. It is an XML-based format that provides a convenient way for users to keep up with the latest headlines from their favorite sites without having to visit each one of them to see what?s new. You will usually find the XML logo on sites that offer RSS feeds.

How Will I Use the RSS Feed?

Our XML feed contains headlines relating to the latest news and information as it appears on our site. The feed is automatically updated, and each headline includes links to help you acquire the full-text of the documents cited.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

You need only two things to get started using our feed: Feed Reader ?A feed reader, or news aggregator, is a special browser that reads XML/RSS files. We found that the browser from (Windows platform) is easy to use, but you can choose any of a variety of products for your platform (some of which are free) that can be found from a search on the Internet.

After you download and install the reader software, look for its tools, properties, or options and set your personal display preferences, including how often you want the reader to check your feeds for updates and how to notify you when they are available.

Feed URL ?Below is a link to our current feed.

Simply right click on the XML logo and choose "copy shortcut" (Windows) or "copy link" (Mac). (If you left click on the logo, you may see the raw XML file open in your Web browser, but you can copy the feed URL from the browser's address bar.) Go to your feed reader and add a new feed. When a dialog box asks for the URL, press the Control and "v" keys on your keyboard (Windows and Mac) to paste the URL you copied from the XML logo or browser. You can now access the feed and receive updates automatically.

Link to our feed at


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