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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T2
8.1 MP with 4GB On Board

Sony Cybershot DSC-T2 in Black

Oct 24th, 2007 Sony has today introduced the Sony Cyber-shot T2, a compact camera featuring 8MP of resolution, a 3x optical zoom, a large 2.7" Touch Screen LCD display and an amazing 4GB of internal memory for storing thousands of photos.

Five colour options – black, blue, green, pink, white – plus distinctive styling helps the Sony Cyber-shot T2 stand out from the crowd.



The camera is pre-loaded with Sony PMB Portable software that automatically runs when the device is connected to a compatible PC via a USB cable. The software lets users publish photos and videos directly to popular web sharing sites, such as Crackle, Flickr, Photobucket, Shutterfly and YouTube.

Other features include an ISO range going up to ISO 3200 for increased sensitivity in dark environments and the camera can be connected to HD TV sets in order to output high-definition (1920 x 1080 p) still images.

  • Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T2

  • 8.1 effective megapixels with BIONZ image processor

  • Large 4GB internal memory with Album function

  • 2.7-inch Clear Photo touchscreen LCD with 230,000 pixel resolution

  • Sharemark technology and Picture Motion Browser

  • Portable software for easy blogging and web uploads (Flickr, Photobucket etc.)

  • Full HD output and PhotoTV HD display mode 1080p

  • On-screen ‘scrapbook’ photo arrangements

  • Double Anti-Blur with Super SteadyShot optical image stabilisation and high sensitivity (ISO 3200)

  • All-metal body with high-fashion colour finishes

  • High Quality Shooting

    The high-quality Carl Zeiss 3x optical zoom lens, 8.1 effective megapixel resolution and high-speed BIONZ image processing engine ensures beautiful pictures. Sony Double Anti-Blur technology delivers crisper results in low light, while Face Detection means better-looking portraits of friends and family. Smile Shutter fires the shutter only when the subject is smiling for more pictures of ‘happy faces’.

    Fantastic Viewing
    Images can be viewed with crystal clarity on the large, clear 2.7-inch touchscreen LCD. And for an even bigger picture, it’s easy to connect the T2 to any BRAVIA television or HD Ready display for breathtaking HD Slideshows with musical accompaniment. [NB: requires optional HD connection cable]. PhotoTV HD mode delivers breathtaking still images with the latest generation of Sony BRAVIA televisions.

    An exciting new way to enjoy your images, Scrapbook creates an attractive montage of pictures on the touchscreen LCD, accompanied by a choice of themed backgrounds.

    Huge On-Board Storage
    A generous 4GB of internal flash memory gives enough space to store around 1,250 top-quality images. At VGA resolution there’s capacity for over 40,000 images – a lifetime of memories. Shots are automatically indexed and arranged in albums, making it quick and simple to track down the right picture in the largest digital photo collections.

    Easy picture sharing
    Stored images can be tagged and automatically resized using new ‘Sharemark’ technology while you’re away from a PC. When you’re online, images can be uploaded to photo blogs and image share sites like Flickr via the camera’s pre-installed Picture Motion Browser Portable software.

      Sony DSC-T2 available in a range of colours

    Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T2
    Press Release

    Sony Press Release, SAN DIEGO, Oct. 23, 2007 - It will be easy to keep this season's holiday photos in one convenient location with Sony's new mega-capacity Cyber-shot® DSC-T2 digital camera.

    The 8-megapixel model features 4GB of internal memory and can store up to 40,000 VGA-quality photos or 1,000 8-megapixel pictures, eliminating the need to manage multiple media cards. And, you won't spend hours trying to find your pictures on this camera.

    'Tis The Season For Photo Sharing
    The camera's album folder makes it easy to organize and access thousands of photos in-camera. Images can be viewed in chronological order and displayed in a helpful calendar view. By installing the bundled Picture Motion Browser software, you can also view images by events like birthdays or Sunday BBQs.

    Beloved photos can be selected and moved to the camera's "favorites" folder for virtually instant retrieval, without having to navigate through hundreds of pictures. In favorites, photos can be arranged in six separate subfolders with a touch of a finger.

    The "sharemark" folder can store those photos and videos deemed worthy for sharing beyond the camera onto the web.

    The T2 model is pre-loaded with Sony PMB Portable software, a user-friendly application that automatically runs when the device is connected to a compatible PC via the supplied USB cable. The software lets you publish photos and videos directly to popular web sharing sites, such as Crackle™, Flickr™, Photobucket™, Shutterfly™ and YouTube™.

    Holiday Snapshots Made Easy
    Designed to be both powerful and stylish for the holidays, the camera has a new look with a compact silver body; black LCD frame; and a sliding lens cover available in blue, green, pink, white or black. The fashionable Sony LCS-TWE carrying case is also available in the same colors to match the camera.

    Its touch-panel LCD screen replaces small buttons with on-screen icons and a user-friendly interface to make camera operation fast and simple. You can touch the screen to select the subject you want to focus on (shooting mode) and where you want to zoom in (playback mode).

    Sony's distinctive "smile shutter" function makes capturing informal portraits and family snapshots effortless. The function automatically detects and captures a person smiling without the need to press the shutter. If there are several people in the frame, you can select the primary subject for the camera to watch by touching the screen. A sequence of up to six smiling shots can be taken without the need to manually press the shutter.

    Combined with such technologies as face detection, optical image stabilization and high sensitivity (ISO 3200), the camera is equipped to capture life-like holiday memories.

    Photos As Holiday Entertainment
    Photo viewing can be festive with the camera's new scrapbooking feature, which allows you to choose up to 16 colorful designs to view photos on the camera's anti-reflective screen. The unit also lets you add up to eight different creative effects to your photos, such as blurring and filter effects.

    For the ultimate in photo viewing, you can gather family and friends around a high-definition television set and enjoy memories in full 1080 HD resolution. The T2 camera can be connected to the TV set via HD component cable or an HD cradle (both sold separately). Equipped with a built-in slide show function, the camera lets you view photos, complete with dynamic transitions choreographed to your choice of programmed music clips or by adding your own.

    The Cyber-shot DSC-T2 digital camera will ship in December for about $350 US. Additional accessories will include batteries, travel chargers, sports packs and cases.

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